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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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for giving me up so much of your time; I wish I could make as long a letter for you, but we are in a neutrality of news. The Elector Palatine* is dead; but I have not heard what alterations that will make. Lord Wilmington's death, which is reckoned hard upon, is likely to make more conversation here. He is going to the Bath, but that is only to pass away the time till he dies.
The great Vernon is landed, but we have not been alarmed with any bonfires or illuminations ; he has outlived all his popularity. There is nothing new but the separation of a Mr. and Mrs. French, whom it is impossible you should know. She has been fashionable these two winters; her husband has commenced a suit in Doctors' Commons against her boar-cat, and will, they say, recover considerable damages: but the lawyers are of opinion that the kittens must inherit Mr. French's estate, as they were born in lawful wedlock.
The Parliament meets again on Monday, but I don't hear of any fatigue that we are likely to have; in a little time, I suppose, we shall hear what campaigning we are to make.
I must tell you an admirable reply of your acquaintance the Duchess of Queensberry: old Lady Granville2, Lord Carteret's mother, whom they call the Queen-Mother, from taking upon her to do the honours of her son's power, was pressing the Duchess to ask her for some place for herself or friends, and assured her that she would procure it, be it what it would. Could she have picked out a fitter person to be gracious to? The Duchess made her a most grave curtsey, and said, 'Indeed, there was one thing she had set her heart on.'—' Dear child, how you oblige me by
LETTER 104.—* Charles Philip of Neuburg, Elector Palatine, died. Deo. 81, 1742. He was succeeded by Charles Theodore of Sulzbach, who became Elector of Bavaria in 1777, and died in 1799.
2 Lady   Grace   Granville   (1667-
1744), second daughter of John Granville, first Earl of Bath, or. Viscountess Carteret and Countess Granville, 1715; m. (1675) Sir George Carteret, or. Baron Carteret of Hawnes (d. 1685).